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Putting in perspective the endless questions related to your child.
MyBabyQ's is addressing the need of building a close community for parents.

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Parenting problems

There are 4 Billion parents all over the world. New parents have plethora of questions for their baby & not enough answers.

There is no online platform, which can geographically create smaller communities of moms, moms to-be, dads & dads to-be over an app to make them help each other

Parents and parents to-be always have a lot of questions regarding their baby, baby products, health, hygeine, nutrition, doctors, schools etc.

However, there is no great place to ask the questions, other than pediatricians, few friends and family members.

how MyBabyQ's works!

A geo-location based mobile application to build a strong community by sharing baby questions is the ultimate answer to all the questions of the parents & parents to-be.

Each question will have multiple answers and parent/parent to-be get to choose the best answer for their child.

The instant messaging with other parents/parents to-be will help you share the issue in greater detail with the precise answer.

Since there are lot of matching conditions in the few miles radius, it highly increases the probability of getting accurate answers in few clicks.

So, lets do MyBabyQ's!